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Grahame Hayes

A parallel distributed model of the psychological disciplines and professions
Lance Lachenicht

Self-esteem in context: A case study of the motivational processes underlying social identity construction by township youth
Catherine Campbell

Challenging authorship and aythority in psychology: A publishing initiative
Tammy Shefer, Ashley van Niekerk, Norman Duncan and Cheryl de la Rey

The experience of abortion: A bibliographic essay
Disa G Dollar

Homosexuality and psychoanalytic training: Struggles in England and North America - What implications for South Africa?
Amanda Kottler


Psychotherapy as abuse
Jehu, D (with Davis, J, Garrett, T, Jorgenson, L M, & Schoener, G R) (1994) Patients as victims: Sexual abuse in psychotherapy and counselling
Steven Collings

The history of social psychology
Farr, R M (1996) The roots of modern social psychology, 1872-1954
John Carson

Clinical Klein!!
Hinshelwood, R (1994) Clinical Klein
Gavin Ivey

Mental health: A call to action
Desjarlais, R, Eisenberg, L, Good, B & Kleinman, A (1995) World mental health: Problems and prioritiesin low-income countries
Melvyn Freeman

Social psychology: The standard version
Hewstone, M, Stroebe, W & Stephenson, G M (1996) Introduction to social psychology: A european perspective (2nd ed.)
Kevin Durrheim

Introducing winnicott
Jacob, M (1995) Winnicott
Kevin J Kelly