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Grahame Hayes

Afrcanisation of psychology: Identities and continents
Andy Dawes

The experiences of divorced mothers as single-parents
Pravani Naidoo

Notes on the intervention with men who use violence against intimates
Andrew M Favell


Pure gold or therapeutic alloy?: Some issues raised by the conference "change: psychoanalytic perspectives"
Gavin Ivey


Training in psychotherapy: A response to Kottler
Trevor Lubbe

This thing called discourse
Peter du Preez


Contextualising adolescent development
Adams, G R, Montemayor, R & Gullotta, T P (eds) (1996) Psychosocial development during adolescence: Progress in developmental contextualism
Arvin Bhana

Welcoming cheeky children into the conference hall
Morss, J R (1997) Growing critical: Alternative to developmental psychology
Carey-Ann Jackson

Undercutting Descartes
Jauregui, J A (1995) The emotional computer
Peter Henzi

Lacan in Bosnia
Salecl, R (1994) The spoils of freedom: Psychoanalysis and feminism after the fail of socialism
David Spurrett and Duncan Lahner

Essential psychology
Coleman, A M (ed) (1995) Longman essential psychology
Jill Bradbury

The political economy of psychology
Parker, I & Spears, R (eds) (1996) Psychology and society: Radical theory and practice
Martin Terre Blanche

Research - the African way!
Bless, C & Higson-Smith, C (1995) Fundamentals of social research methods: An African perspective
Colin Tredoux