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'Gevaarlike transitions': Negotiating hegemonic masculinity and rites of passage amongst coloured boys awaiting trail on the cape flats
Adam Cooper

Psychological expertise and governmentality in democratice South Africa: A tracer study of masters graduates from ukzn
Shelene Gentz and Kevin Durrheim

The five factor model of personality and individualism/collectivism in South Africs: An exploratory study
Liesl Vogt and Sumaya Laher

migrations of theory, method and practice: A reflection on themes in migration studies (review article)
Ingrid Palmary

Conference on HIV/AIDS vulnerable groups, human rights and development. November 15-16, 2007, Gaborone, Botswana
Len Bloom


HIV/AIDS: Management and stigma
Deacon, H, Stepheny, D & Prosalendis, S (2005) Understanding HIV/AIDS stigma: a theoretical and methodological analysis. Vaas, J & Phakathi, S (2006) Managing HIV in the workplace: Learning from SMEs
Kerry Frizelle

A critical gaze at psychology
Hook, D (2007) Foucault, psychology and the analytics of power
Garth Stevens

Watch this space
Simon, B (2004) Identity in modern society: A social psychological perspective
Cathy Vaughan

Between beauty and humiliation: Casting a sharp eye on the panacea of psychology
Parker, I (2007) Revolution in psychology: Alienation to emancipation
Peace Kiguwa

Madness and method: Approches to the history of mental illness
Parle, J (2007) States of mind: Mental illness and the quest for mental health in Natal and Zululand, 1868-1918
Derek Hook