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Discourse and psychoanalysis: Translating concepts into 'fragmenting' methodology
Lisa Saville Young and Stephen Frosh

Planes of endurance
Clifford van Ommen

Agency through bodily alterity: The case of 'pro-anorexia' websites
Megan Kleyn and Jude Clark

Contextualising the experiences of South African woman in the immediate aftermath of rape
Gail Womersly and Anastasia Maw

See no evil, see no evil: The rise and fall of child sexual abuse in the 20th century
Stephen J Collings


Towards cohesion in disability research
Watermeyer, B Swartz, L Lorenzo, T Schneider, M & Priestley, M (eds) (2003) Disability and social change: A South African agenda
Claire Penn, Jennifer Watermeyer and Joanne Barrat

From spectator to 'spectator'
Buckland, A (photographs) McDougall, K, Swartz,L and van der Merwe, A (2006) Zip zip my brain harts
Claire Penn, Jennifer Watermeyer and Joanne Barrat