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Grahame Hayes

Participatory research: A feminist critique

Carey Ann Jackson and Hide Van Vlaenderen

Professionalism: Trick or treat?

Ian Isemonger

The National Health Services Commission Report 1944

Yogan Pillay

Township violence, levels of distress, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among displacees from Natal

Catherine L Michelson


A wolf in sheep's clothing?: Theoretical diversity and the drive toward sameness.

Brian Rock

Psychology, Politics, Resistance

PPR, Britain


Motherhood: Making meaning

Kaplan, M M (1992) Mothers' Image of Motherhood: Case studies of twelve mothers. London: Routledge.
Cherryl Walker

On the formation of identity: Fact and fictions

Walkerdine V (1990) Schoolgirl fictions. London: Verso.
Jane Callaghan

The making of clinical psychology

Reisman J (1991) A history of clinical psychology. New York: Hemisphere (1971).
David Edwards

Planning mental health care services

Butler, T (1992) Changing mental health services. London: Chapman and Hall. ISBN 0 412 405000 8 (pkb), pp176.
Inge Petersen & Anil Bhagwanjee

Studying psychology

Louw, J (1992) What about studying psychology? Pretoria: Academia.
Jan du Preez

Progressive psychology and the question of race

Manganyi, N C (1990) Treachery and innocence: Psychology and racial difference in South Africa. Johannesburg: Ravan. ISBN 0-86975-419-X.
Leslie Swartz

Stats for Africa

Bless, C & Kathuria, R (1993) Fundamentals of social statistics: An African Perspective. Cape Town: Juta. 367 pages.
Steven Collings