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Grahame Hayes

Deconstructing the patriarchal myth

Adrian Perkel

Ethnic identity: A psychoanalytic critique

Leonard Bloom

Critical psychology and the problem of mental health

Victor Neil

Interviewing The PsySSA President

Rachel Prinsloo


Starting with Freud, again!

Jacobs, M (1992) Sigmund Freud. London: Sage Publications. ISBN 0 8039 8465 0 (pbk), 150 pages.
Grahame Hayes

De-institutionalising the mad

Barham, P (1992) Closing the asylum. London: Penguin.
Anthony L Pillay

Psychology for beginners!

Louw, DAP & Edwards, DJA (eds) (1993) Psychology: An introduction for students in southern Africa. Johannesburg: Lexicon.
Cheryl de la Rey

Helping the intellectually impaired

Steenkamp, E & Steenkamp W (1992) The intellectually handicapped child: A manual for parents, teachers and related professions. Durban: Butterworths.
Leanna Uys

Children and the politics of psychological pr actice in South Africa

Dawes, A & Donald, D (eds} (1994) Children and adversity: Psychological perspectives on South African research. Cape Town: David Philip.
Erica Burman