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PINS 24 - Special issue on Social approaches to HIV/AIDS


Catherine Campbell and Grahame Hayes

Power and responsibility: Shifting discourses of gender and HIV/AIDS
Anna Strebel and Graham Lindegger

Social representation and the AIDS field
Helene Joffe

Breastfeeding and infant care in the context o HIV/AIDS
Linda M Richter and R D Griesel

Evaluating HIV-Prevention programmes: Conceptual challenge
Catherine Campbell and Brain Williams

Adolescents and HIV in developing countries: New research directions
Catherine MacPhail


Investigating HIV/AIDS in southern Africa
Webb, D (1997) HIV and AIDS in AFrica
Catherine MacPhail

Safe sex and the Rambo/Bimbo divide: A look at the gender imperative of AIDS
Wilton, T (1997) Engendering AIDS: Deconstructing sex, text and epidemic
Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala

Not quite in the public interest
Bennett, P & Murphy, S (1997) Psychology and health promotion
Anil Bhagwanjee