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Grahame Hayes

To live for a future
Anita Craig

To live for a future: A reply to my critics
Anita Craig

Violence, language and fascism: Reproductions of discursive identities
Andrew Favell

Experiences of motherhood: Challenging ideals
Kerry Frizelle and Grahame Hayes

The guts to fight back
Martin Terre Blanche and Brandon Hamber

The propaganda of the harness: On the reasonable voice of reason
Vasi van Deventer


In search of lost attachments
Kraemer, S and Roberts, J (eds) (1996) The politics of attachment: Towards a secure society
Sue Tilley

Reading the (not so) loose ends of multifarious stories
Burman, E, Aitken, G, Alldred, P, Allwood, R, Billington, T, Goldberg, B, Gordo Lopez, A J, Heenan, C, Marks, D & Warner, S (1996) Psychology discourse practice: From regulation to resistance
Lindy Wilbraham

Developing feminist analyses
Burman, E, Alldred, P, Bewley, C, Goldberg, B, Heenan, C, Marks, D, Marshall, J, Taylor, K, Ullah, R & Warner, S (1996) Challenging women: Psychology's exclusions, feminist possibilities
Gill Straker

"Losers" and their mothers: Personal and political implications of poverty
James, O (1995) Juvenile violence in a winner-loser culture: Socio-economic and familial origins of the rise of violence against the person
Anne McKay

Watch out, psychoanalysis is everywhere!
Parker, I (1997) Psychoanalytic culture: Psychoanalytic discourse in Western society
Grahame Hayes

Desperately seeking the African personality!
Van Niekerk, E (1996) Paradigms of mind: Personality perspectives in context
Bruce Gillmer

A useful guide to research
Garbers, J G (ed) (1996) Effective research in the human sciences
Steven Collings