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PINS 26 - Special issue on the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)


Editorial: Whither or wither TRC?
Lindy Wilbraham

Where does the blood come from?: True stories and real selves at the TRC hearings
Wendy Corry and Martin Terre Blanche

After the war is over, truth and reconcilliation?: Impressions and reflections
Len Bloom

Playing rugby with the truth
Eric Harper and Patrick Ntsime

"Telling it like it is...": Understanding the truth and reconciliation commission from the perspective of survivors
Brandon Hamber, Dineo Nageng and Gabriel O'Malley


Hearts of darkness
Pauw, J (1997) Into the heart of darkness: Confessions of Apartheid's assassins
Mike Earl-Taylor

Prime evil: In his own words
De Kock, E & Gordin, J (1988) A long night's damage: Working for the Apartheid State
Mike Earl-Taylor

Truth, and the little red light
Krog, A (1998) Country of my skull
Grahame Hayes

Unbuttoning, appropriation, reconstruction: Histories of the past and present
Nuttall, S & Coetzee, C (eds) (1998) Negotiating the past: The making of memory in South Africa
Lindy Wilbraham

Past imperfect
Hamber, B (ed) (1998) Past imperfect: Dealing with the past in Northern Ireland and societies in transition
Wendy Corry