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PINS 27 - Special issue on critical psychology


Editorial 1: PINS and critical psychology
Grahame Hayes

Editorial 2: Critical psychology in South Africa: Applications, limitations, possibilities
Derek Hook

Counter-Knowledge, criticism,aesthetics and academic disobedience: A thematic history of the South African qualitative methods conference
Derek hook

Ordering gender: Revisting the role of psychology
Tamara Shefer

Marxism and psychology: A vignette
Grahame Hayes

How the social psychologist got his facts: A post colonial tale
Anthony Collins

Fear and loathing in northern Johannesburg: The secirity park as heterotopia
Derek Hook and Michele Vrdoljak

Phambili with the spirit of self-reflection
Kgamadi Kometsi

Psychology in developing countries: People centered development and local knowledge
Hilda van Vlaerenden

From 'traditional authority' to 'diversity management': Some recent writing on managing the workforce
Gerhard Mare

The Russell Tribunal on human rights in psychiatry and 'Geist Gegen Genes'
Ian Parker


Ways of seeing madness
Swartz, L (1998) Culture and mental health: A southern African view
Mary van der Riet

Human development in South Africa
De La Rey, C, Duncan, N, Shefer, T, & van Niekerk, A (eds) (1997) Contemporary issues in human development: A South African focus
Arvin Bhana

Revitalising psychiatry
Stevens, A & Price, J (1996) Evolutionary psychiatry
Peter Henzi

Identity in Africa/ African identity
Bloom, L (1998) Identity and ethnic rekations in Africa
Kevin Durrheim

Analysing organisational life
Haslam, A (2000) Psychology in organisations: The social identity approach
Clifford Scott

Research in practice
Terre Blanche, M and Durrheim, K (eds) (1999) Research in practice: Applied methods for the social sciences
Ian Parker

Critical therapy!
Parker, I (ed) (1999) Deconstructing psychotherapy
Jacqui Akhurst

In the name of the father
Verwoed, W (1997) My winds of change
Carli Coetzee

It's too dark in here
Bornman, E, van Eeden, R & Wentzel, M (eds) (1998) Violence in South Africa: A variety of perspectives
Kapano Ratele

Sheltering women
Jung Park, Y, Fedler, J & Dangor, Z (eds) (2000) Reclaiming women's spaces: New perspective on violence against women and sheltering in South Africa
Lora Lempert and Tammy Shefer