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Grahame Hayes

Understanding: The nurture of nature (Part 1)
Ronald Miller

The unconscious and social life
Grahame Hayes

Reassigning the transsexual subject: Either / or, both / and?
Kerry McLuckie

Positioning and repositioning: Professional identity development during a counselling internship
Lynn Dunstan

Debate: Identity and crypto-racism: Len Bloom takes issue with Kevin Durrheim's review of his book (PINS 27)
Len Bloom


Thinking critically about psychology in South Africa
Seedat, M, Duncan, N & Lazurus S, (eds) (2001) Community psychology. Theory, method and practice
Kerry Frizelle

Social constructionism in (con)text
Gergen, K J (2001) Social constructionism in context
Michele Vrdoljak

Discourse method - ideas or spanners!
Wetherell, M, Taylor, S, & Yates, S J (eds) (2001) Discourse as data: A guide for analysis
Vaughan Dutton

Grounding cognition is the evolutionary past
Heyes, C & Huber, L (eds) (2000) The evolution of cognition
Peter Henzi

Relocating Lenin
Service, R (2000) Lenin: A biography
Derek Hook