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PINS 35 - Special issue on Masculinity in transition - 1


Gillian Eagle and Grahame Hayes

The risk of phallocentrism in masculinities studies: How a revision of the concept of patriarchy might help
Catriona Macleod

Men, masculinty and gender politics in South Africa: A reply to Macleod
Robert Morrell

In transition but never undone? Contesting masculinity
Rachelle Chadwick and Don Foster

Men's body related practices and meanings of masculinity
Sarah Dewing and Don Foster

'Nowadays they say...': Adolescent peer counselors' appreciation of changes in the construction of masculinity
Nicholas Davies and Gillian Eagle

The construction of adolescent masculinity by visually impaired adolescents
Lee Joseph and Graham Lindegger


Masculinity on the African continent
Ouzgane, L. and Morrell, R. (eds) (2005) African Musculinities: Men in Africa from the late nineteenth century to the present.
Gillian Eagle

Cross cultural psychology: Still struggling with its encounters of other
Laungani, P M (2007) Understanding cross-cultural psychology: Eastern and western perspectives
Morten Skovdal

Research in practice, take two
Terre Blanche, M, Durrheim, K, and Painter, D (eds) (2006) research in practice: Applied methods for the social sciences, 2nd edition.
Lindy Wilbraham