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PINS 36 - Special issue on Masculinity in transition - 2


Editorial: Reflections on men, masculinities and meaning in South Africa (Part 1)
Tamara Shefer, Brett Bowman and Norman Duncan

Using photo-narratives to explore the construction of young masculinities
Malose Langa

Masculinity, seaxuality and the body of male soldiers
Nyameka Mankayi

Living with HIV as a man: Implications for masculinity
Sakhumzi Mfecane

Masculinities in student politics: Gendered discourses of struggle and liberation at the University of Limpopo
Bjarke Oxlund


Masculinities: Complexities and variations
Shefer, T, Ratele, K, Strebel, A, Shabalala, N & Buikema, R (eds) (2007) From boys to men: Social constructions of masculinity in contemporary society
Norman Duncan

Gendered challenges to psychology's authority
Shefer, T, Boonzaier, F & Kiguwa, P (eds) (2006) The gender of psychology
Lora Bex Lempert

At the grassroots: AIDS and people in South Africa
Squire, C (2007) HIV in South Africa
Alan Whiteside

Inkatha warrior masculinities
Waetjen, T (2004) Workers & warriors. Masculinity and the struggle for nation in South Africa
Raymond Suttner