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“From psychology in African to African psychology”: Going nowhere slowly

Malose Makhubela

Voluntary medical adult male circumcision for HIV prevention in South Africa: The crisis of medicalised modernity

Lynlee Howard-Payne

The male role in cervical cancer prevention and transmission: Representation of subject positions in South African press reports (1998-2014)

Prevan Moodley and Lauré de Vries


Editorial: Chabani Manganyi’s memoir

Grahame Hayes

Chabani Manganyi: Black intellectual and psychologist

Grahame Hayes

Imbrication: Reading a South African life

Catherine Burns

Writing against oneself: Chabani Manganyi as a Black autobiographical subject

Hlonipha Mokoena

Mulling over Manganyi’s mind: Lessons for rethinking black subjectivity in the decolonial moment

Garth Stevens

Manganyi: Reflecting back on the contemporary possibilities of a liberatory black psychology

Shose Kessi

Apartheid, clinical psychology, and breaking barriers

Anthony L Pillay

Making a life with words

Kylie Thomas


Affect alongside context: Imagining the psychosocial Frosh, Stephen (ed) (2015)

Psychosocial imaginaries: Perspectives on temporality, subjectivities and activism. Studies in the Psychosocial series. Hampshire, UK & New York: Palgrave MacMillan. Lisa Saville Young

Rethinking prejudice?: Old debates dressed up in new clothes Beattie, Geoffrey (2013)

Our racist heart? An exploration of unconscious prejudice in everyday life. London: Routledge.
ISBN 978-0-415-61299-9 pbk. Pages ix + 295
Peace Kiguwa

Reflecting on social psychology and global neo-liberal capitalism McDonald, Matthew & Wearing, Stephen (2013)

Social psychology and theories of consumer culture: A political economy perspective. London: Routledge.
ISBN 978- 0-415-81203-0 pbk. Pages viii + 172.
Werner Bohmke

A call to action

Gqola, Pumla Dineo (2015) Rape: A South African nightmare. Auckland Park: MFBooks Joburg (Jacana Media imprint).
ISBN 978-1-920601-52-2 pbk. Pages x + 192
Tamaryn Jane Nicholson

Forgotten “young lions”: Stories of political activists in the struggle against apartheid Reynolds, Pamela (2014)

War in Worcester: Youth and the Apartheid state. Pietermartizburg: UKZN Press.
ISBN 978 1 86914 276 6 pbk. Pages 239.
Malose Langa

New principles for a new world Williams, Michelle & Satgar, Vishwas (eds) (2013)

Marxisms in the 21st century: Crisis, critique and struggle. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
ISBN 978-1- 86814-753-3 pbk. Pages vi + 298
Thembisa Waetjen