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Editorial: Six theses on African Psychology for the world
Kopano Ratele


(African) Situated psychologies of boys, men and masculinities

Kopano Ratele

A psychology in our own language: Redefining psychology in an African context

Puleng Segalo & Zethu Cakata

An Africentric theory of human personhood

Augustine Nwoye

The third mental health revolution: Themes, values and methods of community psychology and its relevance in Zimbabwean and African cultural contexts

Mpikelelo Mpawusi Maseko, Levison Maunganidze, Benjamin Mambende & Sibangilizwe Maphosa


Heteronormativity in narratives of fatherhood: Cross-cultural experience

Morison, Tracy & Macleod, Catriona (2015). Men’s pathways to parenthood: Silence and heterosexual gendered norms. Cape Town: HSRC Press.
ISBN 978-0-7969-2503-9 pbk. Pages ix + 197
Mzikazi Nduna

Madness in the Cape Colony

Swartz, Sally (2015). Homeless wanderers: Movement and mental illness in the Cape Colony in the nineteenth century. Cape Town: UCT Press.
ISBN 978-1-77582-088-8 pbk. Pages xvi + 224
Ryan Botha

Making sense of FMF while smoke is still blowing

Booysen, Susan (ed) (2015). Fees must fall: Student revolt, decolonization and governance in South Africa. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
ISBN 978-1-86814-985-8 pbk. Pages ix + 350.
Suellen Shay

Double trouble: psychology and psychologization under the spotlight

De Vos, Jan (2013). Psychologization and the subject of late modernity. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN 978-0-230-30846-6 hbk. Pages xi + 189.
Brendon Barnes

The agitation of the hand

Leader, Darian (2016). Hands: What we do with them – and why. London: Hamish Hamilton.
ISBN 978-0-241-25654-1 pbk. Pages vii + 120.
Derek Hook