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Grahame Hayes


Narratives of everyday resistance from the margins

Hugo Canham & Malose Langa

Creative twists in the tale: Narrative and visual methodologies in action

Jill Bradbury

“We do not want the Commission to allow the families to disappear into thin air”: A consideration of widows’ testimonies at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Farlam (Marikana) Commission of Inquiry

Cynthia Kros

Boys to men: Narrating life stories of fatherhood and work life amongst young black men

Malose Langa

Mapping the black queer geography of Johannesburg’s lesbian women through narrative

Hugo Canham

Circulating narratives: Theorizing narrative travel, translation and provocation

Michelle Fine


Musings on social cohesion in South Africa

Ballantine, Christopher, Chapman, Michael, Erwin, Kira & Maré, Gerhard (eds) (2017) (2015). Living together, living apart: Social cohesion in a future South Africa. Pietermaritzburg: UKZN Press.
ISBN 978-1-86914-332-9 pbk. Pages vii + 197
Colin Tredoux

On black children in black families

Makiwane, Monde, Nduna, Mzikazi & Khalema, Nene, E (eds) (2016). Children in South African families: Lives and times. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
ISBN 978 1 4438 9735 8 hbk. Pages 320
Lindy Wilbraham

Military psychology or psychologies of militarism? The complexities of psychological research, training and intervention in Africa

Van Dyk, Gideon, A J (ed) (2016). Military psychology for Africa. Stellenbosch: SUN Press.
ISBN 978-1-920689-95-7 pbk. Pages x + 479
Theresa Edlmann