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Respectability and reputation: Tracing intersections of race, class and gender in news discourses of violence against women

Taryn van Niekerk

Hiding behind culture: Using social defence systems to explore the malaise of the “old guard” in post-apartheid South Africa

Sharon Auld & Duncan Cartwright

Whiteness and non-racialism: White students’ discourses of transformation at UCT

Ruth Urson & Shose Kessi

Long walk to semi-freedom: Towards a framework for psychological research on being out on bail

Khonzi Mbatha & Martin Terre Blanche

The subject, the symbolic and nature

Peter Hudson


Universalism, materialism and class politics: Notable absences in critical psychology

Parker, Ian (ed) (2015). Handbook of Critical Psychology. Hove / New York: Routledge.
ISBN 978-1-84872-218-7 hbk. Pages xv + 477
Raphael Mackintosh

Not a race to humanism

Erasmus, Zimitri (2017) . Race otherwise: Forging a new Humanism for South Africa. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
ISBN 978-1-77614-058-9 pbk. Pages ix + 171
Hugo Canham

Capitalism and the politics of happiness

Davies, William (2015). The happiness industry: How government and big business sold us well-being. London: Verso.
ISBN 978-1-78168-845-8 hbk. Pages 314
Dean Isaacs

The 11th Commandment: Thou shall be well and happy

Cederström, Carl & Spicer, André (2015). The wellness syndrome. Cambridge: Polity Press.
ISBN 978-0-7456-5561-1 pbk. Pages 163
Annah Dingani

Is psychotherapy a social anaesthetic?

CMadsen, Ole Jacob (2014). The therapeutic turn: How psychology altered Western culture. London & New York: Routledge.
ISBN 978-1-138-01869-3 pbk. Pages ix + 194
Moloney, P (2013). The therapy industry: The irresistible rise of the talking cure, and why it doesn’t work. London: Pluto Press.
ISBN 978-0-7453-2986-4 pbk. Pages vi + 256
Wahbie Long