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Introducing Chabani Manganyi’s “Making strange”

Grahame Hayes

Making strange: Race science and ethnopsychiatric discourse

Chabani Manganyi

A rattle: On the other frontier and Chabani Manganyi’s “Making strange”

Ross Truscott

Psychology and the problematic of “the African”

Peace Kiguwa & Puleng Segalo

Master signifiers, ideological fantasy, unknowability, and enjoyment in the colonial field

Derek Hook

“Out of Africa”: Racist discourse in men’s talk on sex work

Monique Huysamen & Floretta Boonzaier

Re-imagining our careers in post-apartheid public psychology: A collaborative autoethnography

Suntosh Pillay, Thirusha Naidu & Catherine Geils


Paradigm revolutions and discourse debates

Parker, Ian (2015). Psychology after the crisis: Scientific paradigms and political debate. London: Routledge.
ISBN 978-1-84872-207-1 pbk. 126 pages
Sherianne Kramer

Temporal readings of memory work in the prison memoir

Suttner, R (2017) . Inside apartheid’s prison, 2nd edition. Auckland Park: Jacana Media.
ISBN 978-1-4314-2517-4. Pages 214
Garth Stevens