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Editorial: Psychology and Society in Dialogue with Decolonial Feminisms: Perspectives from the global south, Volume 1

Floretta Boonzaier, Shose Kessi, Amalie Ravn

Troubling whiteness: A critical autoethnographic exploration of being white in the context of calls for the decolonization of higher education

Kerry Frizelle

Narratives of Black Women on Hair in the Workplace

Sol Maria Fernandez Knight, Wahbie Long

Why decolonialising feminist psychology may fail, and why it mustn’t: The politics of signification and the case of ‘teenage pregnancy’

Catriona Macleod, Diemo Masuko, Tracey Feltham-King

Towards a Dialogical Decolonised Psychotherapy

Bandile Leopeng


Decolonial Feminist Community Psychology: Centering the Margins

Boonzaier, Floretta & van Niekerk, Taryn (eds) (2019) Decolonial feminist community psychology (1st edition). Basel, Switzerland: Springer.
ISBN-13: 978-3030200008; Pages 160
Amalie Ravn