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Elaborations on (a) Decolonising Africa(n)-centred Feminist Psychology

Kopano Ratele, Nick Malherbe, Josephine Cornell, Sarah Day, Rebecca Helman, Refiloe Makama, Neziswa Titi, Shahnaaz Suffla, Sipho Dlamini

‘Choice’ in women’s abortion decision-making narratives: Introducing a supportability approach

Jabulile Mary-Jane Jace Mavuso, Malvern Tatenda Chiweshe, Catriona Ida Macleod

Experiences of women in early marriages in rural Zimbabwe

Tendai Elvis Mutembedza, Shose Kessi

A Case study of “Necklacing”: When the case has a face

Leswin Laubscher, Sipho Mbuqe

Language in Professional Psychology Training: Towards Just Justice

Sipho Dlamini

Addressing five common weaknesses in qualitative research: Sticking feathers together in the hope of producing a duck

Philippa Kerr


Expository epistles on African psychology | ‘St. Ratele, ora pro nobis’ or ‘Yiza nebhanti phaya erumini’1

Ratele, K. (2019) The world looks like this from here: Thoughts on African psychology. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
ISBN-10: 1776143906; Paperback 248 pages
Haile Matutu