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Editorial: Critical Research in and through practice

Mzikazi Nduna, Andile Mthombeni

Challenging the teaching of research methodologies in pursuit of epistemic and social justice in South Africa

Mogobe Ramose, Lesiba Baloyi

Autoethnographic Methodology and its Applicability to Psychological Research and Practitioners

Yaseen Ally

The Position of “Power” when Engaging Marginalised Youth

Mapule Sheena Moroke, Tanya Monique Graham

Thinking with affect, embodiment, care and relationality to do and teach critical research differently

Tamara Shefer

Examination and analysis of researcher-participant power dynamics in focus group discussions

Mzikazi Nduna

The value of photovoice in researching the 2012 Marikana massacre

Malose Langa, Modiegi Merafe, Steven Rebello


Histories, politics, and cultural considerations in qualitative research

Nakray, Keerty, Alston, Margaret & Whittenburg, Kerri (2016) TSocial sciences research ethics for globalizing world: Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. Routledge.
ISBN-13: 978-0-415-71622-2; 332 pages
Velile Notshulwana