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Psychology, environment and climate change: foregrounding justice (part two)
Brendon Barnes, Garret Barnwell and Lynn Hendricks


Editorial: Psychology, environment, and climate change: Foregrounding justice (part two)

Brendon R. Barnes, Garret Barnwell, Lynn Hendricks

The ‘caring community’: Recognizing and shielding civic environmental monitoring

Anna Berti Suman

Decolonial considerations of environmentalism: Observations from a (US) State Park

Trevor S. Lies, Glenn Adams, Byron Santangelo

Towards a 'just' conservation psychology

Stephanie E. Klarmann, Brendon R. Barnes

Understanding climate injustice as social pathology through the lens of psychoanalysis, recognition theory and critical psychology

Christine Bauriedl-Schmidt, Monika Krimmer, Markus Fellner, Paul Cash

The relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental attitudes and what this means for environmental justice

Andrea Marais-Potgieter, Andrew Thatcher


Anarchism and climate change activism

Oscar Berglund & Daniel Schmidt (2020). Extinction Rebellion and Climate Change Activism. Breaking the law to change the world. Palgrave Macmillan.
ISBN 978-3-030-48358-6; 108 pages
Thato Mdladlamba, University of the Witwatersrand